The Best Italian Food in Kuala Lumpur

If there is a place where the best Italian food that can be had in Kuala Lumpur, we have found it. This place serves quality Italian cuisine all day every day of the week. If you are an Italian food fan, you know that it is hard to find the best Italian cuisine in this city. It is even harder to find a place that makes good, authentic Italian tapas and has a feel that suits just about anyone for any occasion. The place we are happy to introduce to you is Sassorosso Restaurant.
This place in Lorong Yap Kwan Seng is just a few blocks from our office and is kind of hard not to notice. It is fancy but somewhat quaint. From the outside, you can practically smell the pizza as it bakes. We found, after a post-work visit, that it is more than an Italian restaurant. It is also a sports bar!
With the soft lighting and gorgeous table arrangements, it looks like a romantic, charming eatery. Inside, though, it is full of tourists, expats, locals and young professionals. They were there eating, watching games on TV and drinking. Here is a recap of our most recent experiences there:



When Sassorosso says they serve authentic Italian food, they do not lie. Have you been to a Malaysian Italian restaurant where the food was disappointing? True lovers of Italian food know what the authentic flavors are and Sassorosso will not fail them. We love their pizzas. There is a large, impressive selection which includes exquisite cheeses and thin crusts. When you go by Sassorosso during the lunch hour, stop in and have some of the ala carte offerings. Be sure to try the seafood menu, too.


The service at this restaurant is high-end. There is even a dress code for entering Sassorosso. This is to show respect to other diners. The service crew is just as elegant in the way they dress and they know the menu inside and out. They are completely familiar with all the ingredients in the dishes served and you will know this when they go to describe the day’s food menu. All of this adds to the one of the best Italian dining experience in the city. We even met the chef during one of our visits and he is friendly and sincere.

The Sports Bar

Fusion food in Malaysia is not unusual but when you want an Italian restaurant combined with a sports bar, your choices have been limited until now. We spent time at the sports bar there and must say that honestly, it is a chill place to go and watch a game on TV and drink good drinks. It is never too dark or too loud, either. It is the perfect spot, with plenty of room for you and all your friends, for a few cocktails or other drinks. The choices are varied and there are plenty of HD TVs to watch what you want to watch.

Get ready to visit Sassorosso now. Or, if you are planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, get ready to visit when you arrive. You won’t want to miss it. Get all the details on their website. This includes the full menu and the dress code rules. Just go to to get more information.

How to Choose the Right Leather Duffel Bag

Whether you’re going on a quick trip to the gym or going on a short business trip, you may consider using a duffel bag. A leather duffel is not just a fashionable choice however, they are a more durable option than their canvas or cloth counterparts. Here are a few points to consider when choosing a leather duffel bag.

Wheels or Straps?

When looking for a leather duffel bag you will find that many have wheels, which is ideal for when you must carry heavy objects. However, according Desmond from, you should also consider when you want to carry light items in your bag.

A wheeled duffel bag often has a shoulder strap and carry straps. The main problem is that there are metal pipes for pull handles. This could make the bag uncomfortable for carrying.

Duffel bags that don’t have wheels will be more comfortable to carry. However, over time it can become heavy. However, bags with wheels will become heavy if you try to carry them for long periods of time.

Look At The Seams

A leather bag is durable due to the leather and because of the overall construction of the bag. There is no point in buying a leather bag that has seams that are not correct sewn.

You should make sure the seams are tidy and that the ribbing is proper, which will prevent tearing. You must also check to ensure the zippers are attached correctly.1016-16-TAN-1-thecultured-leather-laptop-bag-1000x800

If possible, you must examine the seam lines inside the bag. This may not be possible if the duffel bag has a lining that hides the seams. If there are problems with the seams, you should look at other bags.

The Bag’s Capacity

A duffel bag’s capacity must suit the reason you’re using it. If you’re using the bag for the gym, then a smaller bag would work well for you. However, if you are using it for traveling on business trips, then you’ll need a larger bag. The best way to determine the size of the bag you’ll need is to look the items you’ll be carrying.

When you look at the size, you’ll also need to consider how you’ll carry the bag. A smaller bag is easier to carry with its straps however, a larger bag may be awkward to carry, and may need wheels.

The Required Maintenance

A leather duffel bag does not need a lot of maintenance however, you must periodically treat the leather. This is important if the bag will be used regularly.2

Some leather needs to be treated more often than others. If the leather has a pattern, then it may require special cleaning. If a bag is not properly cared for, the leather will begin to crack and the durability will decrease.

There are many reasons to choose a leather duffel bag. However, if you want to buy a bag you need to make important decisions. Do you need a strap or wheels? How often will you carry it? How big does the bag need to be? By answering these questions, you’ll find it easier to find the right leather duffel bag for your needs.

Why should you go to a firefly tour at Kuala Lumpur?

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, specifically to Kuala Lumpur, then you should try and go on a firefly tour. There are so many reasons to go on a Kuala Lumpur fireflies tour. You will get to experience Malaysia and nature, in a whole new, different and enjoyable way if you decide to go on fireflies tour.

Going on a fireflies tour in Kuala Lumpur is a very popular activity among tourists and even Kuala Lumpur locals. This is a very popular tour for a lot of good reasons. And here are the reasons why it is such a great activity to try out in Kuala Lumpur. Here are some ideas from

1. Experience nature

As tourists, you will get to experience nature in a whole new, different way. You will get to be very up close and personal with the different kinds of natural wildlife in Malaysia, especially if you want to get up close with fireflies. If you want to experience nature in a beautiful way, you can do so through taking a tour of the Firefly sanctuaries near Kuala Lumpur. images-17

2. Very affordable

If you are worried about costs, then you do not need to be at all. Going on this tour is really affordable, and you do not have to spend a lot of money if you want to go on one. It is very affordable to do so if you want to go on this tour. Participating this firefly tour is a very cheap and affordable way to enjoy Malaysia and nature. You could easily go on a tour somewhere without having to spend so much money.

3. Not very far from the city

You do not have to travel very far outside of Kuala Lumpur to go to this tour. You can easily get to a firefly sanctuary, without having to spend so much time out of the city. You could go on a Kuala Lumpur fireflies tour without having to spend a lot of time on one. Another great thing, aside from the short distance from the city, is the fact that there is very little traffic on the way to a firefly sanctuary. You can get there without having to be stuck in traffic for hours. So you could easily go somewhere else if you want to. This will allow you to make the most out of your stay in Kuala Lumpur.

4. Opportunity of taking a lot of great pictures

You will be able to take a lot of great photos when you go to a Kuala Lumpur fireimages-18flies tour. You will be able to take many different kinds of memorable shots of fireflies and the surrounding
environment. If you want to amaze people with your trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you can just show them the pictures of the fireflies that you have taken on your tour. You will be able to show them just how much fun you had with your amazing pictures of fireflies.

What You Should Know About Car Rentals in Malaysia

The most effective way that you can explore Malaysia is by car. You can get to your destination pretty easily through the well-maintained routes. There are good road networks around the big cities, but outside these, the major roads are also fine to travel, too. However, just expect that it won’t be the most pleasant road trip for you.

For Penang car rental, it is best that you book in advance online. Don’t worry too much about the rental costs since they are low and petrol in the cities is hardly expensive. As of last year, the costs of petrol per liter is around $0.50. Renting a is just recent, which is a modern driving in the state of Penang. If you are traveling as a couple, there are car rentals for such a size. There are also ones that are made to accommodate families, too. There are even coaches and buses for rent, which is especially good for those traveling in large groups.

It is also possible to rent a car with a guide or driver. This option is highly recommended for travels below 21 years of age as they are not allowed by law to rent a car. It is also a good option for those who can’t drive themselves and want it more private and at their pace. There are different car rental companies to choose from, but most of them provide the same kind of cars and almost the same costs, too. The difference of the costs is when renters have other options that they want to add, like having a driver or guide that will take them to different places. Every rental company has their tank fully filled and unlimited mileage. The car must also be brought back with a full tank after the rent.

The costs of car rental

When you book in advance online, the costs are generally lowest, especially when you do this in one of their intermediaries that list down all the cars available for rent via comparison websites. This applies during the peak season. You will often get the best deal when you book your car at least 7 days before when you are going to use it. Bigger discounts are offered if you book your ctrainer-vertical10ar at least 2 or 3 weeks prior. You get to pay around $35 each day for the cheapest or smallest model. Prices are higher when you book them close to your departure dates and the cheapest models at that point are usually fully booked. Keep in mind that the prices listed in online car renting sites are not the final price. The final stage of booking the car will usually have 6 percent in additional charges, which is a mandatory VAT. Others may include booking fees or “filing fees.” You will need a credit card to finalize your online booking. The same credit card you use should also be presented when you claim your booked car in Penang.

The Best Restaurants in Petaling Jaya

As a tourist in Malaysia, you need to know which places are considered the best to eat your favorite food. It doesn’t matter whether it is local or international, as long as you have them ready for your trip. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Petaling Jaya, it will depend on the kind of taste buds you have. Some will tell you that the best restaurant is an American steakhouse, while others will say it is all about seafood. This means that the best restaurant will not always be the best for you since you have your preferences. Below is a list of some of the best restaurants you should try to dine in when you visit Petaling Jaya.

BGT Lakeview Restaurant

At the top of the list is the BGT Lakeview Restaurant. If you are craving for western food at the moment, then this is the best place to try it out. It doesn’t mean that this restaurant is only offering western food. It offers various types of Asian food. However, their signature dishes are from their pasta options. The food offered in this restaurant are stunning works of art, prepared from one of the best kitchens in the world. They are very keen in preparing the pasta wherein they stay true to what the ingredients offer.

If you decide to dine in this restaurant, don’t forget to try out their signature dish of butter lobster.

Kanna Curry House

4395096830_d62c22a2ee_oPetaling Jaya is where you can find countless Indian cuisines coming from the North and the South of India, but nothing beats the Kanna Curry House. This place spreads across 3 shop lots that are divided into areas enclosed in glass. All of it are equipped with air conditioner, too. For those who prefer the outside atmosphere, there is the area with ceiling fans as well. It’s deep fried meat is prepared straight from the market. It is cooked in a wok with boiling oil at the fan section of the restaurant. South Indian food is particularly very popular in this restaurant.



If you want something American, or at least almost like it, head to Myburgerlab and you will find your favorite burger there. Restaurants that are specializing in burgers are the rage in the city of Malaysia these days. Many natives will debate which is the best restaurant serving burgers, but this is the one that you have to see first. The owners believe that great burgers are made from scratch. This means that the burger patties they prepare never had been frozen – they are cooked straight. The interior design of the restaurant is simple and neat, and it attracts a diverse range of customers from burger fanatics to late-night drinkers in the urban cities. You can find different burgers in this restaurant – whether you prefer the classic or want one of their inspired inventions.